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If you've read my blog for a bit you know by now that I like girl trips. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE traveling with my husband but sometimes it's nice to travel with my girls too. (Previous girl vacations: India, New York, California). My mother in law woke us up at 4:30AM and told us we need to get ready because we're going to Disneyland! We were both surprised and excited for the weekend ahead:

Friday we were in Disneyland all day:
On Saturday we woke up early (again) to drive to downtown LA to go to the Broad Museum. We were in the standby line and had to wait about an hour, but we made it in and enjoyed the free museum:
^^This is the Infinity Mirrored Room. We had to wait in another line to see this installation. It's a dark room with mirrors and hundreds of flashing lights and the floor around you is water. Each person only gets 45 seconds in this room, but it was a very cool experience.^^
^^Jeff Koons^^
Another blog, Studio DIY, has a series where she finds cool wall murals all over the states. This mural was only a few miles from the museum so we wanted to take a peek. We had to drive through a few alleys to get here, but it was well worth it. This is by an artists named Matty Mo:
We drove to the Micheltorena steps too:

Of course, we had to make a pit stop at MILK for their famous ice cream macarons:We made a quick drive to the Hollywood sign then headed back to Las Vegas. I love these girls! We arrived in Henderson late Saturday night, I packed for a business trip, and now I'm in Atlanta, Georgia. Hopefully I'll get to explore the city a bit!

we bought a home!

We bought a home over the summer! Hence, we haven't been traveling so no blog posts as of late. Our home is in our dream neighborhood and we were excited to do a few renovations before moving in. I'll have to do another blog post of before and afters, but here's a bit of our home that you may have seen on instagram:
^^We tore out two dividing walls and an outdated media wall, took out the carpet and replaced the flooring throughout the house, re-tiled the kitchen and fireplace, put in fans + light fixtures, and painted all of the wals/put in baseboards. The manual labor was tough (luckily we had lots of help from family and friends) but we'd do it again in a heartbeat.^^
^^Our laundry room tile. Tate actually picked this tile out and I was so close to getting something much less exciting, but I'm glad we went with the honeycomb tile.^^
^^Dining room.^^
We're happy to be in our own place and I've enjoyed every minute of it so far. Nevada has our hearts 

HBD National Parks.

Parks from top left to bottom right: Bryce, Grand Canyon, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Arches, Glacier, Yellowstone, Glacier, Bryce.

SO glad National Parks were established 100 years ago. Cheers to another century of preseveration, conservation, and enjoyment!
Our last day in Montana was spent at Whitefish Ski Resort:
^^We rode ski lifts to the top of Whitefish mountain.^^
We're heading back to Vegas tonight and we're sure going to miss family and the cool weather. Glacier National Park is gorgeous in the summer and winter. Holding on to the last few days of summer break for as long as I can!

glacier national park day two.

Glacier National Park Day Two: Numa lookout. Today's hike was 12 miles (round trip) up a mountain up to a fire lookout on Numa Peak in Glacier National Park. The hike gently rises along Bowman Lake then follows up several high switchbacks until you reach the peak. The total elevation was 3,000 feet:
^^Rainbow Peak in the background.^^
^^Bowman Lake from the fire lookout.^^
^^Fire lookout^^
^^Rainbow Peak and Square Peak behind.^^
^^The views from the lookout are unreal. Talk about an interesting job to work in a fire lookout. We met the man who was working the 10 day shift on the mountain, and it sounds like he really enjoys himself while he's here.^^
We were pretty exhausted by the time we came back down the mountain so we took a dip in the glacier freezing Bowman Lake. Although very cold, it was rewarding after the hike. 

Tomorrow is our last day in Glacier. We don't want summer to end!

glacier national park day one.

Glacier National Park Day One: Yesterday we drove down from Banff back to Montana. On the way we stopped at Numa falls in the Kootenay National Park area:
We returned our rental car at the Glacier airport in Kalispell and my parents picked us up to drive to a rental cabin. We're so excited to be here with family for the next few days and be able to enjoy Glacier National Park. We started off by hiking Hidden Lake Overlook, one of the most popular hikes in the park. It's mostly a boardwalk trail, but the views are nice and the wildlife was amazing. There were billy goats and marmots right off the of the trail:
^^Boardwalk up to Hidden Lake.^^
^^These billy goats were all over the trail. It took every bit of me not to pet them, but they were sure fun to watch.^^
^^Hidden Lake Overlook^^
The rest of the night was spent at the cabin hanging in our hammock and spending time with family. It's my grandparents 60th(!!) anniversary so we talked about old family stories and have been looking at family photos from back in the day.

banff day two.

Canada Day Two: Hiking at Lake Louise. We decided to drive back up to Lake Louise since we couldn't get enough of the blue water from yesterday. Today we hiked up to Lake Agnes to see the views of Lake Louise below. There's also a tea house at the top of the mountain!
The hike up to Lake Agnes is a couple of miles up switchbacks and a steady climb up the mountain. You're mostly hiking through trees until you're almost to the lake, seen above.
Lake Agnes tea house. If we were to go again we'd leave much earlier in the morning to avoid the hordes of hikers, but it's still enjoyable even with a lot of people.
^^Lake Agnes^^
After the hike we found ourselves taking more pictures in front of Lake Louise. We're back in Canmore and we've walked around town and ate dinner at a small sandwich shop. Canada, you've been good to us!

Tomorrow we're driving back down to Glacier National Park in Montana to see family and enjoy the cool weather for a few more days.
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